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Are Most Successful Entrepreneurs Really “Outside-the-Box” Thinkers?

By Ben Hart

16 Minutes

8 Rules & Truths . . .

That Will Make Your Life Easier and More Profitable:

1) Inventors, pioneers and explorers rarely get rich. Most end up broke — though they can succeed in changing the world.

2) Those who get rich come along later and build on the work of the inventors, pioneers and explorers.

3) Those who get rich are those who know how to build a business. They are systematizers — not original thinkers, not visionaries.

4) The easiest way to business and marketing success is not to try to sell something new – but to sell a product (or category of product) that has a track-record of success – one that’s in high demand. The rule is: “If it’s selling, you can be sure it will keep on selling, at least for the foreseeable future.”

5) To be successful in business, you must sell things that are “pre-sold” in people minds. That is, people must already want what you are selling before you arrive with your offer.

6) When you are explaining, you are losing.

7) One of the easiest categories of product to sell is “How To” information. For proof of this, walk into a bookstore and look at how many “For Dummies” books are on the shelves. If you know how to do something, you now have a product to sell.

8) “How To” information (in the form of books, seminars, webinars, teleseminars, white papers and special reports) can either be the primary product you are selling . . . or can provide powerful marketing support for the main product or service you are selling.

Your Three-Part Bullet-Proof Formula for Marketing and Business Success

By Ben Hart

I’ve boiled down the formula for success in marketing and business to three keys that must be in place. If any of these elements is missing, you probably won’t succeed. On the other hand, if you have all three, your success is nearly assured.

Here they are:

1) You must have an easy way to find those who want what you are selling.

When I was a young wet-behind the ears direct marketer, and a client would ask me if he thought I could sell his product or service using direct mail, I would always say: “I don’t know. Let’s test it and see if people want it.”

That’s the textbook answer all direct marketers give: “Let’s test it and see.”

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