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Should Alegebra be Required in High School, or Ever?

Really the question should be: Is America’s approach to education completely wrong?

This is an important question to answer because we, in America, are spending about $1 TRILLION a year on education.

I just finished reading a thought-provoking article in the New York Times by Queens College Political Science Professor Emeritus Andrew Hacker.

The title of his piece: “Is Algebra Necessary?

Professor Hacker’s thesis is that love of learning is being killed early in many kids because of this subject. One in four kids fail to complete high school, many because they fail Algebra One and Two.

If these marginal students manage to make it through high school, they are then faced with algebra again in junior college and community college as they attempt to compile a good enough GPA to move on to a four-year college — only to fail again.

But you don’t need algebra (much less calculus or trigonometry) to run a business, balance your checkbook, do your taxes, or to succeed in 99 percent of the professions you might choose.

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