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Successful Marketing is About Understanding Human Psychology

By Ben Hart

If you’re interested in human psychology and understanding why people do the things they do, you should love direct marketing.

When writing my sales copy I must always put myself in the place of the reader. I like that about marketing. It forces me to go outside myself and to walk in the shoes of others. I must be an amateur psychologist to be a successful direct marketing copywriter.

I must understand what it is that causes people to act. I must be aware of predictable patterns of human behavior.

I must get into the psyche of my readers and give my readers arguments so compelling that they will hit the order button, pull out their credit card—and trust someone with that information who they don’t even know and may have never heard of.

Getting orders from strangers (over the internet, via direct mail, through TV or radio, or any other way) is a tough task. But it’s doable, and doable on a regular basis, if you learn the laws of marketing.

The good news is, these laws of successful marketing are not a mystery. They are not a secret.

Anybody can study these laws of marketing and benefit from them if they just invest a little time and effort. These laws are fixed and constant. They are the same today as they were yesterday. And they will be the same tomorrow. These laws of marketing will never change, because human nature never changes.

Technology changes over time, but basic human nature stays the same. By this I mean that the basic dreams, aspirations, fears, and motivations of human beings will never change. They were the same in the time of Caesar. And they will be the same 100 or 1,000 years from now.

Marketing is science, not guesswork. That’s why we know that a marketing campaign, if put together correctly, absolutely and with 100% certainty will always succeed.