What to Write on a Simple Postcard that Will Bring You an Endless Avalanche of Customers

By Ben Hart

Here’s one of the coolest tricks I’ve ever discovered.

It involves using postcards to generate an avalanche of customers for you.

Here’s what you need to get started . . .

First, you need mailing list of customers and prospects.

How to compile your list is not the subject here. I deal with that critical subject elsewhere. And I’ll be covering this subject of how to build your list in a lot more detail in the coming weeks and months.

The subject here is what to say on your postcard mailing that will produce a flood of customers for you. It’s a pretty amazing little secret.

Now let’s say you’re in the real estate business. All you do is print up your postcards and you write something like:

Dear Friend:

Would you like to learn an amazing secret that will allow you to buy property for 20% below what everyone else is paying?

If so, all you have to do is call 000-000-0000 and you will hear a free recorded message that reveals some truly amazing bargains.


John Smith

Now that was pretty easy.

Then what you do is you write out a telephone script. You practice it a few times. And then you read your script into an answering machine or a voice mail system. And once you are happy with it, you save it.

Your script will say something like this.

“Thank you for calling. My name is John Smith and I’d like to show you a few properties I have available that are being sold by people who are moving out of the area and so they absolutely must sell right away, no matter what. One property must be sold by next Wednesday. Another property I have must be sold by the following Tuesday, July 13th. I have some other fantastic properties in prime locations in the San Diego area that must be sold by certain dates as well because the owners are moving out of the region.

If you’d like to learn more, just call me on my cell phone at 000-000-0000. I’d be happy to describe these properties to you, and show them to you if this opportunity interests you.”

Or there might be other reasons you have for why you’re able to offer these properties at rock-bottom prices. But my point here is not to give you your reasons or to write your phone script for you, but to show you the formula. You’ll have your own story to tell, your own reasons and your own deals to offer.

And this message can be pretty long if you have a lot of interesting things to say. Some of my recorded messages run 10 minutes or more. It just depends. Sometimes short and sweet is best. Sometimes longer is good, if what you have to say is super interesting. Better short and sweet than long and boring. You want to create interest and intrigue so they call you. Don’t give them all the details.

Give them just enough, so they’ll want to call you and find out more. But give them enough detail so that they believe you.

And that’s a big part of effective copywriting and marketing. Tell an interesting story. And the story should be about why you are able to offer your prospect such a great deal. That’s what makes you credible.

So once you’ve recorded your message, you then mail your postcards and wait for the phone to start ringing. And it will ring if you offer something along the lines of what I just described. Your prospects will always be interested in getting a bargain — something at a great price. The job of your script — and the story you tell on your recorded message — is to persuade your caller, your listener, that:

1) You really are offering a great price, a bargain they can’t get elsewhere; and

2) You only have a few properties (or whatever you are selling) that fit this special situation criteria. Once the properties (or items) are gone, so is the special one-time opportunity.

So here’s why this simple strategy works so well:

#1: You are offering free insider information on what you know your prospect is interested in.

#2: Your prospect is more likely to call if it’s just a recorded message than if she thinks she’s about to be collared by a high-pressure salesman. The prospect knows she can just hang up on the recorded message. So she’s much more likely to call.

#3: When your prospect calls your recorded message hotline, she sees that you are a good guy because you actually delivered what you promised — information on how to buy some great properties at rock-bottom prices. And your friendly, casual voice further reassures your caller and puts her at ease.

#4: And you really have shown your prospect that you have a great opportunity for her — but one she’ll miss if she does not act now.

And, by the way, the tone of your recorded message is key. Just tell the story and state the facts. You should not yell or scream into the phone or the recorder. You should not sound like a street corner huckster. Just the story. Just the facts. Just the opportunity you are offering. Very matter of fact. Very calm, reassuring and friendly.

I picked real estate as my example. But this formula works for any business.

If you are a plastic surgeon, here’s some sample copy you might try for your postcard:

Dear Friend,

I’m using a new procedure that can make you look 15 years younger for a lot less than you probably think. Plastic surgery used to cost a small fortune.

But now almost anyone can afford it. We also offer packages that allow you to pay over time. And it’s very safe. And there’s hardly any recovery time.

If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary new xxx procedure just call 000-000-0000 and listen to the free recorded message for all the facts and details. You can call the recorded message anytime, 24/7.


Dr. John Smith, MD

See the pattern? And notice that I used the old-fashioned courier typewriter font for my postcard. It’s more personal looking, more friendly, looks more like a letter, and is more attention-getting. My tests show that courier still works better than Times Roman or the other desktop publishing fonts.

Here are a few more examples (just the first lines) to get you thinking in the right direction:

“Would you like to learn how to play the piano in a week?”

“It takes the schools two years to teach algebra. Would you like it if your child could learn the same material in just two months?”

“I have a way to get you very high-quality diamonds for less than a jeweler would pay for them?”

Think of your postcard as a teaser, as very much like a headline. If you have knack for writing great, attention-getting, intriguing headlines, you can write great postcards that will generate lots of calls. It’s all about emphasizing the big benefit to your reader. What’s the big payoff for calling your recorded message hotline?

By the way, you can follow this same formula with your other advertising, not just postcards. You can run ads like this in the classifieds, in the Yellow Pages, and in little newspaper ads. And tiny ads like these are super cheap to buy, unlike full-page display ads. And you can put text like this on fliers you distribute — even on your business cards, or on signs and billboards. And you can use this formula with your email marketing.

In addition to driving people to your recorded message hotlines, you can send them to your website.

But I love the recorded messages because they have your reassuring voice.

I’m sure you now get the formula. It’s super easy. You just apply it to your own situation. You can follow the exact same formula no matter what you are selling, and no matter what business you are in.

I’m doing something similar for my own business and just generated 5,500 calls.

There is actually a great recorded message service I use that’s designed for exactly this kind of program. It’s called Automatic Response Technologies. And you’ll find it here: http://www.automaticresponse.com

This service not only makes it a whole lot easier than setting up a recorded message answering system yourself, it will actually give you a report on exactly who called. Even if the caller hangs up and never calls you, you’ll know who did that . . . because you’ll get a report with the names, phone numbers and the addresses of most of the people who called.

Now some people will block their numbers. So you’ll miss those people. But most don’t block their numbers. So this is a great way to then build your list of highly qualified leads — that is, of people who were interested enough to call.

You then add these people to your newsletter list.

This program fits perfectly into my “Automatic Marketing” system. It’s a very low-tech, simple way to automate a big part of your selling — to let machines do the lion’s share of your selling for you, to let machines handle the initial sales presentations, to let machines do most of the sorting and sifting of your leads so that you yourself never again have to make a cold sales call.

You then just talk to those who are all set to buy from you.

Try it. You’ll love it.

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