How to Get 500% Higher Response from Your Yellow Pages Ads and other Print Ads

By Ben Hart

When someone sees your ad in the Yellow Pages, there are three things you know for certain about that person:

1) That person is all set to buy.

2) That person wants to buy what you are selling.

3) That person has not yet decided who to buy from.

So you’ve already achieved two thirds of your marketing objective. You’ve found someone who definitely wants what you are selling and who definitely will buy what you are selling. And that person is now looking at your ad.

So now your only task is to convince your reader to buy from you and not from your competition.

That should be pretty easy for every Inner Circle member who’s been in this program for any length of time. You will know, for example, that all testing proves that ads that look like articles pull five times better than ads that look obviously like ads.

In other words, if your ad looks like an article, it will pull 500% better than the other ads around it that are clearly ads.

And remember this also. Those who are looking in the Yellow Pages are looking for an immediate solution to their problem. So if your ad contains a solution (or a partial solution) to a problem your reader wants fixed, your reader will start to read your ad.

So let’s say you’re a plumber.

What might your ad say?

Well, it might look and say something like this:

How to Fix Your Leaky Pipes Permanently
So You Don’t Need to Keep Calling a Plumber

If you have leaky pipes, there might be nothing wrong with your plumbing. You might just need to adjust your water pressure.

The plumbing system in your house is designed to operate under a certain pressure level. If the pressure is too low, no water. But if the pressure is too high, you can start springing leaks.

90% of the time, the reason your plumbing springs leaks is because your water pressure is too high.

All you need to do is turn down the pressure slightly. And you won’t notice any difference in your shower. I’ll be glad to come out to your home to check your water pressure and make any necessary adjustments for no cost to you whatsoever.  And I’ll even fix any seals that need repairs.

Even if your water pressure is just a little higher than it should be, broken seals and leaks abound.  Having your water pressure checked once a year will save you buckets of grief and expensive repairs down the road.

So give me a call at XXX-XXXX-XXXX and let me come out and check your water pressure. Ask for me, John Smith, your friendly neighborhood plumber. Your water pressure check-up is free.

And if you have an emergency, you can call any time of the day or night, or on weekends. I’m on call for you 24/7.


John Smith
Acme Plumbing Company
1111 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101

Now, I have no idea if what I’ve written in this ad is factually true, or not. I’m not a plumber. I just made it up so you can see the kind of ad you might write for your business — whatever it is — that will generate 500% more response than the ads of your competitors.

You can follow this same pattern if you are a lawyer, a dentist, an accountant, a landscaper, a chiropractor, a doctor — almost no matter what business you are in. If your business is the kind of business that advertises in the Yellow Pages, just copy this pattern.

The key elements of your ad should: 1) Look like a news article; 2) Contain some interesting information that will cause your reader to say “Gee wiz, I didn’t know that”; 3) Offer a solution; 4) Offer something free.

Most important, have your ad look like a news article. By the way, this rule applies to all your print advertising.

Now I challenge you to open up the Yellow Pages and look at the ads being run by your competitors. The most ineffective ads you’ll see are those that are obviously designed by ad agencies. They are the ads that look exactly like all the other ads.

You tell me if the ad you’re now going to write will not stand out from the pack. Plus, you’re not going to hire an expensive graphic artist to layout your ad. You can write an ad like the one I’ve described in less than 30 minutes.

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