How to Make $10,000 Per Hour

By Ben Hart

How to Get 500% Higher Response from Your Yellow Pages Ads and other Print Ads

By Ben Hart

When someone sees your ad in the Yellow Pages, there are three things you know for certain about that person:

1) That person is all set to buy.

2) That person wants to buy what you are selling.

3) That person has not yet decided who to buy from.

So you’ve already achieved two thirds of your marketing objective. You’ve found someone who definitely wants what you are selling and who definitely will buy what you are selling. And that person is now looking at your ad.

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Ken Evoy Explains Internet Maketing

This is an awesome 90-minute seminar by Internet marketing pioneer Ken Evoy . . .

How to Achieve “Leverage” in Your Business and Life . . . And Why This is Important

By Ben Hart

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14 Minutes

You Can Often Charge Five or Even Ten Times More for the Exact Same Product Just By Repackaging It

By Ben Hart

How to Make All the Money You Need . . . Without a Job

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What to Write on a Simple Postcard that Will Bring You an Endless Avalanche of Customers

By Ben Hart

Here’s one of the coolest tricks I’ve ever discovered.

It involves using postcards to generate an avalanche of customers for you.

Here’s what you need to get started . . .

First, you need mailing list of customers and prospects.

How to compile your list is not the subject here. I deal with that critical subject elsewhere. And I’ll be covering this subject of how to build your list in a lot more detail in the coming weeks and months.

The subject here is what to say on your postcard mailing that will produce a flood of customers for you. It’s a pretty amazing little secret.

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What I Learned About Marketing from the Grateful Dead

By Ben Hart

The relationship between the band and the Dead Heads must be nurtured because they are us and we are them.”

Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead may be the most profitable rock band in history even though it has never had a #1 single or a #1 album. Only two of the band’s song ever cracked the top 40 on the pop charts.

Despite the death of its leader Jerry Garcia in 1995, Grateful Dead Productions continues to generate about $30 million a year in sales and licensing fees. Pretty good for a group that no longer exists.

Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead were among the greatest niche marketers in history. They never pursued the top spot on the pop charts—or any ranking on the pop charts. Instead, they dedicated themselves to pursuing a distinct style of music and cultivating a face-to-face relationship with their fans, building a loyal, even fanatical community of hundreds of thousands of Dead Heads by feeding this community exactly what it wanted, never deviating from its brand, for more than 35 years.

The Grateful Dead built its following by playing an average of more than 80 concerts a year for nearly four decades. As the years and decades rolled on, the Grateful Dead’s following never waned, but actually strengthened. In the early 1990s, until Garcia’s death in 1995, the Grateful Dead were probably the only band that could sell out major professional football stadiums on consecutive nights with no mass-market advertising.

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How to Create Marketing Messages that Stick Forever in People’s Minds

Edited Transcript of Lecture by Ben Hart

The average American today is hit with more than 23,000 advertising messages per week.So how do you make your advertising message stand out in the midst of all that noise?

How do you get your prospects and your customers to listen to what you have to say – to stop whatever it is they are doing and pay attention to you?

In fact, this might be the #1 question I get from Inner Circle members.

How do I stand out from my competitors?

What we are talking about tonight are how to make your marketing messages stick in people’s minds.

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Should Alegebra be Required in High School, or Ever?

Really the question should be: Is America’s approach to education completely wrong?

This is an important question to answer because we, in America, are spending about $1 TRILLION a year on education.

I just finished reading a thought-provoking article in the New York Times by Queens College Political Science Professor Emeritus Andrew Hacker.

The title of his piece: “Is Algebra Necessary?

Professor Hacker’s thesis is that love of learning is being killed early in many kids because of this subject. One in four kids fail to complete high school, many because they fail Algebra One and Two.

If these marginal students manage to make it through high school, they are then faced with algebra again in junior college and community college as they attempt to compile a good enough GPA to move on to a four-year college — only to fail again.

But you don’t need algebra (much less calculus or trigonometry) to run a business, balance your checkbook, do your taxes, or to succeed in 99 percent of the professions you might choose.

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