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Take This Test to See if You Are Doing What You Should be Doing

By Ben Hart

One reason you might not be reaching your full potential in business and in life is that you are a fish out of water.

A fish is not going to be good at things tigers are good at. And tigers are not good at things fish are good at.

So one of the biggest reasons for lack of success is people have been shoe-horned into the wrong jobs and the wrong roles. Or they have shoe-horned themselves into the wrong role.

A fish is great at swimming. Not so good at running through the jungle.

I want to tell you about a great test that everyone should take that will help you maximize your potential in life and make you a whole lot happier.

It’s called the Kolbe Conative Test.

Not cognitive – conative.

Don’t worry. I had never heard of the word either. The word is not important.

You can take the test at

It costs about $50 to take the test, but it’s well worth it.

And I don’t make a penny by recommending it. I’m just a big believer in this test and its underlying philosophy.

But finish this article first before you head on over there.

The Kolbe test is not a personality test.

This test is designed to uncover what your instincts are, what your internal mode of operation is.

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